Sparkling smile in less than an hour!

Most people have white teeth in their youth, but due to the effects of food and beverages (coffee, red wine, coke) consumed over the years and the effects of harmful addictions (smoking) they become discoloured. With teeth bleaching there is an opportunity to erase these discolorations without harming the hard and soft tissues (gum).

The advantages of the teeth whitening (bleaching) process used in our dental clinic:

  • the technique used by our dentists directly whitens the teeth and has no side effects, it is a one time procedure and totally safe as the light used for whitening has a low temperature and does not harm the teeth nerves.
  • in just one hour you will be given shining white teeth.
  • your teeth can become 5 to 14 shades whiter according to the VITA colour scale.
  • the treatment is painless and provides a long-lasting effect (normally 2-3 years).

The following steps are used for bleaching:

1.Whitening begins with a complete examination of the teeth. Final fillings, as well as teeth replacements can only be done after the whitening, as the colour of these do not change during the whitening.

2.Before the treatment the teeth are cleaned of scales (plaque) and dental deposits.

3.We define the current colour of the teeth with the help of a colour scale so that you will be able to compare the result easily and see for yourself how many shades your teeth have been whitened.

4.We place a special gum-protector on the gums and then apply the professional teeth whitening gel (containing hydrogen-peroxide) on your teeth.

5.The gel is continuously activated with a plasma-light placed on the teeth for a period of 20 minutes 3 times. The peroxide dissolves as a result of the activation from the light of the whitening lamp and the released oxygen gets into the teeth, whitening them.

6. After the last 20 minutes, we rinse and wash the teeth and compare the result with the colour scale.

What to be aware of after the treatment

After the treatment you will have to be aware of a few things in order to preserve the whiteness of your teeth for the longest possible time: if possible avoid smoking and drinking too much coffee, and other drinks like tea, red wine and cola. If you take our advice you will have the chance to enjoy the whiteness of your teeth for years.

Tooth Jewellery

Tooth jewellery can be made of small ground glass beads, gems or gold jewellery. The jewel is placed on the surface of the tooth with a special dental bonding material. It does not require drilling the tooth or damaging the enamel.

The treatment begins with cleaning the teeth of scales (plaque) and discolorations. After this the desired tooth jewel is attached to the polished tooth with a special type of glue. The glue hardens immediately due to a blue light used in our dental clinic, so you can eat right after the jewel has been applied. The jewellery is attached in a way that does not harm or damage the enamel under any circumstances and it can be removed anytime if the patient wishes to do so. Tooth jewellery application takes only 10-15 minutes.

The durability of the jewellery is different for each individual. It depends on the position of the jewel, the eating habits of the patient, and conditional biting disorders, so the jewellery can remain on the tooth for anywhere between a couple of months to possibility even years. Tooth jewellery can only be applied to original teeth with blue-light hardening glue. In case of dental crowns we use crown glue for the application of the jewellery.