Guarantee period of dental treatments:

Tooth fillings: 2 years

Fixed replacements as follows:

Crown, bridge: 5 years

Removable replacements as follows:

Partial denture: 3 years

Full denture: 1 year

Implantation (for the structural elements of the implant): 5 years

You will be issued a certificate of guarantee certificate for the dental work performed in our clinic or the dental technical laboratory, which completed the dental work. The guarantee certificate must be presented with any claims made about the dental work.

This document assures you that the dental work was carried out with certified high-quality and composite material acknowledged all over the world. We guarantee the skill and proficiency of our staff and it promise that our equipment and applied technologies meet the highest requirements.

Please be sure to keep your certificate of guarantee because without it you cannot make a guarantee claim!

If it is clearly established that the work we have completed is not suitable for the intended purpose due to reasons caused by the dental technical laboratory or by our dental clinic (material flaw, etc.), then The Kakadu Dental takes responsibility to pay for the cost of reconstruction.

If the completed dental work happens to break, loosen, crack or gets discoloured, we will polish/reconstruct/repair/change it free of charge.

Conditions for claiming guarantee

You must:

  • take proper care of your teeth, always follow the oral hygienic instructions and directions given by your dentist,
  • use your tooth replacements in an appropriate way (the dental work is only exposed to physiological chewing-force which does not lead to its overexertion),
  • you visit our clinic for the free check-ups prescribed by the dentist treating you ( every 3 months, every 6 months or yearly)
  • have the status-preserving treatments performed within 30 days (for example: scaling, calculus removal, denture rebasing) recommended by your dentist.
  • have payed the total cost of your treatment.

There is no guarantee given in the following cases:

  • the patient does not attend the annual check-ups
  • the tooth replacements are not properly taken care of or patient neglects to maintain oral hygiene
  • improper, inappropriate use of the tooth replacement, extreme force impacts, exceeding the normal physiological chewing-force, which leads to increased burden on the tooth replacement
  • problems due to improper nutrition/nourishment and other inappropriate habits
  • physical injuries to the removable denture (dropping it, physical activity or playing sports) or chemical injuries caused by chemical substances (concentrated alcohol, chemicals)
  • chewing apparatus diseases caused by systemic, contagious and tumor illnesses or the treatments of these illnesses
  • accidents and the effects caused by their prompt medical treatments
  • allergy, dental disease and their consequences, which evolved after the treatment and allergy, dental disease and their consequences unknown before the treatment
  • consequences of not performing a treatment recommended by the dentist
  • problems due to mental illness (teeth grinding at night, squeezing teeth)
  • the patient loses a considerable amount of weight within a short period
  • reporting the injury or fault of the tooth replacement after two working days
  • the tooth requires root canal treatment due to former treatments (fillings, crowns)
  • repairs or modifications of the prosthesis/denture/bridge/crown/etc., attempted by patient and resulting in damages

if another dentist or dental technician (other than the ones working at Kakadu Dental) interferes with the treatment during its course.